Attention On Decks!


Keep To The Code is proud to announce the winners of our POTC Barbie® Pirate Costume Contest!


After receiving quite a few entries, and judging each one on their merits, the Crew has pulled three finalists and shall award prizes to each!


Third Place Winner:
“Miss Sarah Rose Black”

Photo Entry for Miss Sarah Rose Black

The Mighty Miss Black is pictured reclining and imbibing after a successful venture at sea. For her hold, she wins a KTTC prize pack of goodies to share amongst her own crew.
Second Place Winner:
“Little Scallywags”

Little Scallywags

These two rapscallions are the scourge of the seven seas! And they’ve made off with a treasure of KTTC’s own prized bandanas! The scurvy brats!
First Place Winner:
“The Playful Pirates”

The Playful Pirates

These fantastic costumes are the handywork of Seamstress Josie (pictured), who shanghai’d her older brother into piracy! Josie lives and breathes pirates’ attire- even wearing them to school during “special occasions”!
For her fantastic work in creating these costumes (with a bit of help from her family!) Josie is awarded First Prize: Barbie® Angelica and Jack Sparrow from Mattel!
We would like to thank all of those who entered this contest, and will be putting the runner-up photos on display on the Keep To The Code Messageboard.
We would also like to thank our friends at Mattel for supplying these fantastic prizes! And as a reminder, you can get your own Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica Barbie® dolls online at
Keep a weather eye on that horizon, mates! You never know when our next contest will appear!



Ahoy, Pirates’ fans!


Ready for another exciting contest? Sure you are! And so are we!


Keep To The Code has some more swag to hand out, this time courtesy of Mattel toys:


Pirates of the Caribbean Barbie® dolls! That’s right, as featured on Keep To The Code, we have Captain Jack Sparrow and Angelica on board and ready to ship out!



Barbie Collector Edition Pirates of the Caribbean Dolls!


For this contest, we’re looking for pictures of you, our loyal crew, in your finest ORIGINAL pirate outfits. That’s right- we want to see you as your pirate self, in a non-film character oriented guise!


Anyone can enter, just be yourself! OR what you consider the best buccaneer in YOU!

A Common Buccaneer Example
A Common Commodore example 


How do you enter? It’s easy! Entries can be sent to: by 11:59pm on June 10th, 2011. Photos must be received by then in order to be considered. Entries received after that time will be forced to walk the plank.


The Captains will review the entries, and the grand prize winner will receive Jack and Angelica Barbie® Dolls! The 2 runners up will receive prizes pulled from Keep To The Code’s treasure chest!
These fine collectables are currently on sale at for $34.95. For more details, follow these links:

So what are you waiting for? Get done up in your nautical best and show us what real pirates you are!