Frequently Asked Questions

It’s important to stress that we are not owned, endorsed by or employed by The Walt Disney Company in any way.


Q: Who is in charge of the KTTC Website?

A: The owners and operators of KTTC are:
Captain LeQuatte
Lady Killigrew
The Crew are:
Captain Andros
Nervy Nan


Q: Who can I contact if I have a question about the KTTC website (aside from the message board)?

A: KTTC Administration can be reached at All messages written to that email address can be read by all staff members of KTTC, but not by the KTTC Message Board.
If your question or comment has to do strictly with the Message Board, please direct mail to


Q: How can I view the old KTTC website?

A: KTTC’s Archived website can be found: here!


Q: I have a great idea to give to the Walt Disney Company, can I give it to you to give it to them?

A: It is Disney’s published policy to decline outside submissions, ideas, manuscripts, screenplays or other creative material. Unfortunately, this means we can’t pass any ideas to anyone within the company on your behalf.