About KeepToTheCode.com:


KeepToTheCode.com was founded in 2005 as the premier fansite for Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean movies.


In 2005, a young, tough crew of scallywags founded a website dedicated to Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean films. With help from the Walt Disney Company, we became the biggest and best location for all fans of the Pirates franchise to come for information and camaraderie. Today, we continue the grand traditions of our founders, and bring the world of pirates to you!


Further information regarding the site can be requested by sending e-mail to: KeepToTheCode@gmail.com.



Meet the KeepToTheCode owners:



Captain VanderDecken

Terry aka Captain van der Decken

Terry (aka Captain van der Decken) was born in 1610.
A lifelong sailor, in 1641 he was attempting to guide
the Flying Dutchman on a routine trade journey around
the Cape of Good Hope without success. He was heard to
exclaim “I WILL round this Cape even if I have to keep
sailing until doomsday!”

He would live to regret that statement.

He was aboard the Maria when she went down in 1840. In
1857, he was aboard the Phaeton when she sank, and he
saw the Geltwood go under in 1876. In 1912, he boarded
a new vessel heading to New York from Southampton, England.
Her name was Titanic, and, well, you know what happened.
He currently avoids boats and water. If he offers you
a lift, you’d be wise to decline.


Doctor Bacchus


Bruce fought in the Battle of Hastings in 1066. After
the battle, he traveled throughout Europe, finally joining
in the resistance to the Spanish Inquisition in 1480 before
sailing with Columbus to the New World in 1492. When the
Pilgrims arrived at Plymouth Rock in 1620, he helped them
build homes and begin farming the land. Tiring of the
farming life, he joined the Lewis and Clark expedition
of 1804, eventually returning to the east coast where
he works today as a full time medical author and part
time promotions guru. His hobby is lint.



Captain LeQuatte

Tach aka Captain LeQuatte

Captain LeQuatte (Ryan, to his enemies) has a whale of a tale to tell you, lads. Marooned as a child on an island off the coast of Madagascar, he fought natives and rabid monkeys to make his way to civilization. On the way, he invented a rudimentary self-contained underwater breathing apparatus, but lost interest and chucked it to the briny deep. His first command, the vessel “Mighty Guppy” was lost with no survivors, save himself, and the first mate, a lovely cabin boy named “Bob”. Bob was later discovered to be an ape. LeQuatte arrived in the Caribbean looking for fortune and glory, kid… fortune and glory. He found it when, by chance, he discovered the secret of the lost treasure of the Incas. Which, as it turned out was little more than a giant golden cheese grater. Nevertheless, he sold it, pocketed the cash, and became the wealthiest Frenchman in the Spanish Main. That is, until he lost his fortune gambling on a Portuguese chicken race.


Lady Killigrew

Mac, aka Lady Killigrew

Arrr! This be Mac also known as Lady Killigrew. She be
a saucy wench with a full moon affliction; no I don’t
mean turnin’ to a skeleton, and let’s just say keep away
any silver bullets. She adores pirates and anything of
a creepy nature. But properly warned ye be, if ye happen
to meet her in person take heed or to Davey Jones she’ll
send ye.