On January 24th, the 82nd Annual Academy Awards Nominees were announced, and lo-and-behold, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides was nowhere to be found on any of the nominee listings. A shame, really. While the nominees are undoubtedly deserving of their nods, OST was a film deserving of recognition.


Now, I realize that while the latest POTC film would probably not be best picture material, but I couldn’t help but notice that there were a handful of categories that On Stranger Tides could have been nominated for, but were sorely overlooked.


Let’s have a peek:


Costume Design


OST had some w work done in the period clothing and costumes worn by the cast. The outfitting of the zombie pirates and the attention to detail in the British Redcoats should have been worthy of Academy notice. Costume Designer Penny Rose did a particularly brilliant job on Ian McShane as Blackbeard in particular. The look of the notorious and very real pirate was captured marvelously, and was deserving of a nomination.


Ian McShane as "Blackbeard"

Original Score


Hans Zimmer hit this out of the park. The soundtrack for OST was fitting the mood of the film and very memorable. Mixing familiar Pirates of the Caribbean themes with new, sometimes menacing musical cues, Zimmer weaves drama and humor into the score- which should have been noticed by the Academy, in my opinion.


Music from "On Stranger Tides"

Sound (editing & mixing)


The Sound team for OST did a cracking good job with every element. From the clashing of swords, to the creaking of wood aboard the cursed Queen Anne’s Revenge, to the eerie, otherworldly voices of the mermaids, everyone involved with OST’s audio aspects deserved recognition with a nomination.


Visual Effects


The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise has been at the forefront of breakthrough visual effects- from Davy Jones to Shipwreck Cove- each film has brought the cursed Caribbean to life through both practical and computer generated effects. OST is no exception. Scores of model makers, CGI animators, motion capture technicians, and other special effects masters made this film a visual feast, certainly enough to garner a nomination in this category.


Deadly mermaids brought to life


Writing (adapted screenplay)


Most fans know that OST was adapted from a book by Tim Powers. The story was adapted by Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott, using elements of the Powers novel but placing them firmly within the Pirates of the Caribbean mythos. Not to gush, as Ted and Terry are friends of the site, but these fellows really spun this yarn quite well. While some critics were, well, critical of the story and screenplay, fans of the film have proved that it sits proudly as one of the top grossing films of all time. Those numbers don’t lie- and a good portion of that is due to Mr’s Rossio and Elliot. Unfortunately, the Academy didn’t think so.


Ted Elliot & Terry Rossio - Writers of the Caribbean


So, these are but a few of the categories that OST really should have been nominated in for the 2012 Oscars. And again, I’m not saying the current nominees are any less deserving, but not showing these folks some love for their fantastic work is a shame.


What do you think? Was OST snubbed by the Academy this year? Were there other categories you believe Pirates should have been nominated for? Let us know in the comments section below, or post on our messageboard and expound on your opinions!


– Captain LeQuatte

Commodore, KeepToTheCode

February 8, 2012 at 8:59 pm by The Crew
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